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05 May 2014

War Thunder 3D Body and head scanning

Client :: Realtime UK

Project Brief :: Full body Dynamic pose character scanning

Realtime UK came to us early last year with the expressed aim of creating some of the most visually stunning and realistic characters ever seen in a computer generated cinematic. Using our 80 x DSLR photogrammetry rig we captured over 20 different high res body and head scans with various poses and expressions.


TC_Runngin TC_Jump Sailor Pilot

Tank commander escaping from his exploding tank.

Full Body Scan 01
Close up texture details and unwrapped UV map
Close up 01 Close up 02 UV_Map

We also captured A Pose scans which were then rigged and animated by Realtime.

Full Body Scan 02

As he appeared in the cinematic


Some shots from the day

pilot2 Lineup Cameras2

Capturing this seated pose required a quick rebuild of the scanner mid session. We wanted to make sure we could get the most out of every available camera.

Pilot Body

We captured the pilots head with his helmet and goggles on, Obviously there was issues with the glass in the goggles. This was removed by us and Realtime later replaced it with their own glass mesh.

Pilot Heads2

Pilot Heads


Here you can see how AGI photoscan uses all 80 of our cameras to create a dense mesh and high res texture map from a point cloud.

We also provided a full re topology service for close up shots of the heads, including eyes teeth and tongue.


An example of a raw high res expression scan


In order to capture truly realistic expressions we had a lot of the actors screaming and shouting in the studio capturing split second mid pose scans as quickly as we could. The German Navy commander below is a perfect example of this.

Image 5

High Res head scans were used to replace the lower resolution facial scans that were captured at the same time as the body. Below you can see an example of the body scan with the above head scan used for the close up shot.


One of the Tank crew members vaulting off his exploding tank, this was a particularly hard pose to capture due to the larger scanning volume required to get all his limbs in every shot.


How he appears in the cinematic

Tank Crew Jump

all scans