Ten24 Sample Scan

Ten24 Sample Scan

Our sample scan asset bundle come with a full body and integrated head scan from our latest capture stage. The bundle includes both cleaned and RAW data including 16k texture maps in PSD and JPG format. The mesh's are available in ZTL (Zbrush) and OBJ. Download Links are at the bottom of the page


High resolution cleaned geometry

High resolution head and body scan captured in a single shot.

16,000 x 16,000 pixel texture maps

This sample is supplied with textures in both PSD and JPG at 16k and 8k for convenience

Clean animation ready topology

This sample has been cleaned and processed with a quadded low poly mesh suitable for rigging and animation

RAW geometry

RAW Geometry download includes a decimated 15 million polygon OBJ and ZTL.

High resolution hands and feet

Secondary details such as hands and feet are cleaned and textured to a very high standard


Please select from the following, all packages include textures except for the RAW package. Warning these are very large downloads and make take some time on slower connections.

Usage :: Feel free to use this scan as you wish for both commercial and personal projects. All we ask is that you provide us with a credit wherever it's used.

Zbrush Package

OBJ Package

RAW Package

Complete Package

Cleaned Ztool (4R7)
6 x Subdivision Levels
16k Textures

Exported SubD levels 1 - 6
Decimated OBJ's 200k - 2million polygons
16k Textures in TGA & JPG
Normal maps

RAW Zbrush data
RAW OBJ data

Zbrush Package
OBJ Package
RAW Package

1.3 GB Download

1.8 GB Download

362.6 MB Download

2.5 GB Download