Capturing the Apocalypse

Capturing the Apocalypse


Raw scan data

Decimated to 1 million polygons

Capturing the apocalypse' was an in house scanning project designed to test our new T170 capture stage. Our aim was to capture and show only RAW scans, to see how far we could push the system without having to do any tiresome clean-up work. Everything shown in the above video and on this page is 100% RAW decimated scans and texture output.


Large Capture area

2.5m wide x 2m high

Our super wide capture area is perfect for dynamic poses as well as multiple actor capture with little to no unwanted polygon bridging.

Precision Scanning

>1mm thick feathers

Our system is so accurate that it can even capture these super thin feathers on both sides. To achieve the required level of detail we partnered with Capturing Reality. Their latest scanning software is really pushing the limits of what can be achieved with photogrammetry. Super fast and ultra detailed, Capture Reality is the critical software breakthrough that has been needed to take things to the next level.

Infinite poses

There is no pose we cant scan

With a capture time in the milliseconds and a large scan volume there is no pose we can't scan. Our system can capture 2 scans per second at full resolution. There is no lengthy download between shots, so we can capture hundreds of poses in minutes.

Render Build up

Click the arrows the see the various layers as rendered in Modo 801

Final Render

Rendered in Modo 801

Everything in this image is 100% RAW scan data - including the background. Our T-170 system outputs usable scan data in minutes rather than days.

Photographs from the shoot

Dimitri and Lila from Nuclear Snail

None of the above could have happened without the help of Dmitri Zaitsev from Nuclear Snail Studios. Dmitri's studio is widely regarded as the leading independent manufacturer of post-apocalyptic clothing, props and costumes.