The Art of Vantablack

The Art of Vantablack

Ten24 in association with the BBC One show, Surrey NanoSystems and and Black Edge 3D have created the first piece of artwork to be covered by the revolutionary new substance Vantablack.

Vantablack is the blackest material in the world, it achieves this by using a revolutionary technique of coating the surface of an object with densely packed super thin carbon nano tubes which absorb up 99.96% of all visible light.


Head and Body Scanning

170 cameras synchronised to within a millisecond

Using over 170 cameras 40 of which are dedicated purely to the head we captured Martys entire body in full colour in around 1/10,000th of a second

Raw Geometry

This is the final uncoloured output from the system once all the images are aligned and processed using Reality Capture.

Final Unprocessed Colour Mesh

High resolution colour map applied

Final Mask

We created the final mask by cutting out the face and and applying a thickness to the model. The scan was then smoothed to create the cast bronze look and scaled in accordance with the maximum size of the kiln.

London Science Museum

The Model is now on display for all to see for free at the London Science Museum

BBC One Show Documentary

Watch the full documentary here to find out how they printed cast and coated our model