Digital Costumes “Days of War”

Digital Costumes "Days of War"

Ten24 was tasked with creating a set of photorealistic authentic World War 2 costumes for Driven Arts epic new shooter "Days of War"  


Realtime renders

Running in Marmoset toolbag 3

Previewing scans in Marmoset is a great way to get a feel for how the geometry will look in-game. The scans shown here are reduced polygon versions of the deliverables with texture size compressed from 16k to 8k.

Marmoset Screen Grabs

Marmoset 3 has some fantastic new features such as real-time global illumination, Improved local reflection effects and a new subsurface scattering shader.

Built in Reality Capture

180 cameras, 119 million polygons per scan

Zbrush Models

Cleaned Scans in Zbrush as delivered to the client

Additional Scans

We also captured a second variation of the American uniform complete with backpack as well as a separate helmet.

Days of War Trailer

Watch it here and see our scans in action