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11 Jul 2013

New full colour full body scans on the store

We are proud to announce the release of our first batch of full body scans on our 3dscan store. There are 3 versions available to suit all budgets.

Click here to go to the store

Basic Version no colour £20 ::
Perfect reference for sculpting and anatomy study

  • Decimated OBJ, 750k polygon 3D scan “No Colour map”

Colour Version £30 ::
Everything you need to create the perfect full colour photo realistic character

  • Uv mapped Decimated OBJ, 750k polygon model with UV map
  • 5,000 x 5000 colour map (jpg)

Pro Version £45 ::
For those of you who want a little bit more, this version has everything!

  • Full high resolution Zbrush model with 5 subdivision levels compatible with Zbrush 4R5 and above
  • Low poly quadded mesh with normal 8,000 x 8000 normal map for quick renders
  • Decimated OBJ, 750k polygon model with UV map
  • 10,000 x 10,000 colour map (.jpg)


Full Body Scan 04

Full Body Scan 05

Full Body Scan 06

Full Body Scan 07

Full Body Scan 08

Full Body Scan 09

Full Body Scan 10

Full Body Scan 11

Full Body Scan 13

Full Body Scan 12

Full Body Scan 02

Full Body Scan 03

Full Body Scan 00