18 Oct 2022

The Art of Vantablack

Ten24 in association with the BBC One show, Surrey NanoSystems and and Black Edge 3D have created the first piece of artwork to be covered by the revolutionary new substance Vantablack.

Vantablack is the blackest material in the world, it achieves this by using a revolutionary technique of coating the surface of an object with densely packed super thin carbon nano tubes which absorb up 99.96% of all visible light.

Head and Body Scanning

170 cameras synchronised to within a millisecond

Using over 170 cameras 40 of which are dedicated purely to the head we captured Martys entire body in full colour in around 1/10,000th of a second

Raw Geometry

This is the final uncoloured output from the system once all the images are aligned and processed using Reality Capture.

Final Mask

We created the final mask by cutting out the face and and applying a thickness to the model. The scan was then smoothed to create the cast bronze look and scaled in accordance with the maximum size of the kiln.

London Science Museum

The Model is now on display for all to see for free at the London Science Museum

07 Oct 2015

One of our latest scans captures using the T170 stage and rendered in Modo 801.


RAW Poses

100% RAW output decimated to 1 million polygons

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11




13 Jan 2015

Car scanning with Photogrammetry

A new technique we have been working on for scanning full colour reflective objects using photogrammetry.

This is our second test and there is still a lot of room for improvement, objects with multiple reflective layers such as headlights are a problem as you can see from the mesh but we should be able to solve this in the coming weeks.

For the purposes of this test we deliberately chose the hardest possible car to scan, reflective white paintwork, multicolored livery and lots of pure black shiny plastic, a photogrammetry nightmare to say the least!


We’re using AGI PhotoScan to process over 480 images resulting in nearly 1,000,000 Tie points and a Dense point cloud of 168,000,000 points


AGI-2   AGI-3  AGI-5

Once the scan is processed we end up with a fully textured 3D model consisting of about 11 million triangles, As I mentioned before there are still some issues with the lights and there is a lot of noise in and around hard to scan areas such as under the arches and along the bottom of the diffuser.





30 Jun 2014

150 x 3D Expression Scans avaliable to buy now

We have just uploaded 150 x new expression scans to our 3D scan store, you can buy them individually or as a pack click the link below or one of the images to go to the store.




05 May 2014

War Thunder 3D Body and head scanning

Client :: Realtime UK

Project Brief :: Full body Dynamic pose character scanning

Realtime UK came to us early last year with the expressed aim of creating some of the most visually stunning and realistic characters ever seen in a computer generated cinematic. Using our 80 x DSLR photogrammetry rig we captured over 20 different high res body and head scans with various poses and expressions.


TC_Runngin TC_Jump Sailor Pilot

Tank commander escaping from his exploding tank.

Full Body Scan 01
Close up texture details and unwrapped UV map
Close up 01 Close up 02 UV_Map

We also captured A Pose scans which were then rigged and animated by Realtime.

Full Body Scan 02

As he appeared in the cinematic


Some shots from the day

pilot2 Lineup Cameras2

Capturing this seated pose required a quick rebuild of the scanner mid session. We wanted to make sure we could get the most out of every available camera.

Pilot Body

We captured the pilots head with his helmet and goggles on, Obviously there was issues with the glass in the goggles. This was removed by us and Realtime later replaced it with their own glass mesh.

Pilot Heads2

Pilot Heads


Here you can see how AGI photoscan uses all 80 of our cameras to create a dense mesh and high res texture map from a point cloud.

We also provided a full re topology service for close up shots of the heads, including eyes teeth and tongue.


An example of a raw high res expression scan


In order to capture truly realistic expressions we had a lot of the actors screaming and shouting in the studio capturing split second mid pose scans as quickly as we could. The German Navy commander below is a perfect example of this.

Image 5

High Res head scans were used to replace the lower resolution facial scans that were captured at the same time as the body. Below you can see an example of the body scan with the above head scan used for the close up shot.


One of the Tank crew members vaulting off his exploding tank, this was a particularly hard pose to capture due to the larger scanning volume required to get all his limbs in every shot.


How he appears in the cinematic

Tank Crew Jump

all scans

26 Mar 2014

36 X Expression Reference Scans

These Animated Gifs demonstrate the range of expressions we captured for our 36 X expression sets, available to purchase on our 3D ScanStore

Click here to visit the store





26 Mar 2014

10 x High resolution Head scans avaliable to download

We are proud to announce the release of our latest set of High Resolution 3D head scans on our store, each of the cleaned head scans comes with a 10,000 x 10,000 pixel colour map and correctly unwrapped UV’s

Please visit the 3D ScanStore to find out more

Head_Scanning_04_Female01 Head_Scanning_01_male01 Head_Scanning_01_male02 Head_Scanning_01_male03 Head_Scanning_01_male04 Head_Scanning_01_male05 Head_Scanning_01_male06 Head_Scanning_01_male07 Head_Scanning_01_male08 Head_Scanning_04_Female02 Head_Scanning_02_Female05 Head_Scanning_02_Female04 Head_Scanning_02_Female03 Head_Scanning_02_Female02 Head_Scanning_02_Female01 Head_Scanning_04_Female07 Head_Scanning_04_Female06 Head_Scanning_04_Female05 Head_Scanning_04_Female04 Head_Scanning_04_Female03 Head_Scanning_02_Female06 Head_Scanning_02_Female07 Head_Scanning_02_Female08 Head_Scanning_04_male01 Head_Scanning_04_male02 Head_Scanning_04_male03 Head_Scanning_04_male04 Head_Scanning_04_male05 Head_Scanning_04_male06 Head_Scanning_04_male07 Head_Scanning_05_Female01 Head_Scanning_05_Female02 Head_Scanning_05_Female03 Head_Scanning_05_Female04 Head_Scanning_05_Female06 Head_Scanning_05_Female05 Head_Scanning_03_Female01 Head_Scanning_03_Female02 Head_Scanning_03_Female03 Head_Scanning_03_Female04 Head_Scanning_03_Female05 Head_Scanning_03_Female06

07 Feb 2014

Prosthetic Scanning

Camp Render_Blog

Another prosthetic scan captured on set at the BBC sound stage in Chepstow, Wales for Vine FX. Rendered using modo and an excellent free HDRI from Dutch Skies, Download HDRI here. Click the image above for  a larger view.

Camp 3

Grey scan Zbrush Grab of the bust created by the world renowned Mark Coulier



11 Sep 2013

Hand Scans

We have just released a set of ultra high resolution 3D Hand scans on the Scan Store www.3dscanstore.com




























28 Aug 2013

Skin Shading in Unity


So today we had a quick play around with the PreIntergrated Skin Shader in Unity. Using one of our older head scans as a test subject.

The shader its self is very easy to setup, simply load in the demo scene replace the head with what ever model you intend to use and copy the material over, then its simply a case replacing the maps and tweaking the settings to suit your model. You can have a look at the settings we used here



You can also download a the compiled scene and have a look yourself.


Download Unity Skin demo here 115MB

And because we are feeling especially generous today you can also download the 3D scan and all the textures including the Pre-Intergrated Skin maps used here. The file includes ::


  • Head Scan ZTL with all subdivision levels and Diffuse colour map
  • Level 2 frozen OBJ with Normal and colour maps
  • Level 3 frozen OBJ with Normal and Colour maps
  • Decimated high res OBJ with colour map
  • Pre-Integrated Skin Shader maps

Download Model and Textures 237 MB

Enjoy! and if you do anything cool with it please let us know.