Blog Timeline

October 2022

The Art of Vantablack

Ten24 in association with the BBC One show, Surrey NanoSystems and and Black Edge...
18th Oct 22

Body Builder

One of our latest scans captures using the T170 stage and rendered in Modo...
7th Oct 15
January 2015

Car scanning with Photogrammetry

A new technique we have been working on for scanning full colour reflective objects...
13th Jan 15
June 2014

150 x 3D Expression Scans avaliable to buy now

We have just uploaded 150 x new expression scans to our 3D scan store,...
30th Jun 14
May 2014

War Thunder 3D Body and head scanning

Client :: Realtime UK Project Brief :: Full body Dynamic pose character scanning Realtime...
5th May 14
March 2014

36 X Expression Reference Scans

These Animated Gifs demonstrate the range of expressions we captured for our 36 X...
26th Mar 14

10 x High resolution Head scans avaliable to download

We are proud to announce the release of our latest set of High Resolution...
26th Mar 14
February 2014

Prosthetic Scanning

Another prosthetic scan captured on set at the BBC sound stage in Chepstow, Wales...
7th Feb 14
September 2013

Hand Scans

We have just released a set of ultra high resolution 3D Hand scans on...
11th Sep 13
August 2013

Skin Shading in Unity

  So today we had a quick play around with the PreIntergrated Skin Shader...
28th Aug 13
July 2013

New full colour full body scans on the store

We are proud to announce the release of our first batch of full body...
11th Jul 13
June 2013

Full Body 3D Scanning using 80 x DSLR’s

This is the first test using our 80 x Canon DSLR full body scanning...
25th Jun 13
April 2013

Modo skin shading tutorial now avaliable

Click here to go to the store Using one of our latest generation head...
30th Apr 13
March 2013

360 Degree 3D head scanning

We have upgraded our Agisoft photogrammetry rig with a further 12 cameras giving us...
6th Mar 13
February 2013

Scanning an environment with Agisoft

This is a very simple environment scanning test using a single camera and Agi...
27th Feb 13

Skin shading in Modo

Or resident Modo artist Ross Mansfield has been slowly converting us all to Modo....
22nd Feb 13

Dynamic Pose Capture

We had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented sculptors, Fabien Merelle,  Christophe...
20th Feb 13

Added some more scans to the store

We are slowly getting though our massive backlog of 3D scans. 5 more have...
12th Feb 13
January 2013

3D Printed Scan

We received 3 6cm prints of our kick boxer scan from PD Models today....
31st Jan 13
December 2012

Capturing a pose (5 Second body Scan)

We are working hard to reduce our full body scan time, initially we started...
20th Dec 12

Full Body 3d scan on 3DScanstore.com

We have just released the first of many full body 3d Scans. these are...
17th Dec 12

Nike Inneva 3D shoe scan

We used a modified version of our ultra high resolution head scanner to scan...
17th Dec 12