T170 Capture stage

T 170

Capture Stage

With 170 cameras and an integrated 40 camera head capture system, our capture stage represents years of research and development. The unique ability to capture both heads and bodies in a single scan is a huge saver of both time and expense for our clients.

Scanner Type

Passive photogrammetry full body with built in high resolution head capture

Geometry resolution

Subject Dependent, generally less than 2mm

Texture Resolution

Up to 15,000 x 15,000 pixels


170 x Canon 100D / 40 x Dedicated head capture

Scan duration

1 / 10,000th of a second

Computer control

2 x PC control system with networked USB cameras


Custom built artificial floor with isolated capture space. No messy cables..


Esper Designed opto-isolated trigger boxes 16 x cameras per box.

Scan Volume

2m x 2m


Bowens Gemini strobes

Image format

We can shoot in either RAW or JPG

Height Adjustment

Adjustable floor height up to 3 feet

Professional Photogrammetry

Industry leading photogrammetry capture stage

Designed from the ground up with only the highest quality components and painstaking attention to detail, the T170 boasts an extruded aluminium frame, artificial floor and isolated capture stage, making it one of the most advanced photogrammetery systems in the world.

3D Scanning FAQ

Total reliability

170 cameras perfectly synchronised

With over six years' experience building and operating large photogrammetry rigs, our ultimate incarnation is 100% reliable. No black frames, no missing shots. 170 cameras synchronised to within 1/100th of a second and controlled by two networked PCs.


Full Body Scanning

170 cameras capture every detail in a split second

We can capture unparalleled levels of detail using our custom built 170 camera system. Not only can we capture full bodies, our integrated 40 camera head scanner also captures faces in incredible detail - right down to the pores.

All images presented as RAW data, please see our clean-up page for more information on cleaned scan data

We can capture

Every little detail

Full Body RAW scan data

Decimated to 1 million polygons

No more trimming points or removing unwanted polygons, our raw data is sharp and clean